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My parents used to say: “Erik, if you can make a trade of what you love, then go for it.” After two days of college I knew that beer is what I love best of all! Well over eight years of experience in bartending and a Masters degree in Communication Studies turned out to be the perfect preparation for a career in training the catering industry. In 2012 I established my own company (HorecaTACK) and, mostly by order of HEINEKEN®, travelled the world to share my passion. I take great pleasure in teaching several aspects of the catering industry, such as perfect beer treatment, guest-orientation and active sales.

With a good share of wit and repartee, I hold up a mirror to peoples' faces, and together we're going on a search for areas of improvement. On an equal level we'll look for hidden depths.

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Investing pays off!


Your employees are the face of your company, and the face your guests will remember! In a fun and interactive manner, your staff will be trained and motivated to get to work in a professional way.

The Perfect Pint, and most importantly... Why?

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Let your guests experience the quality you stand for!

Take your guests on a journey through the wonderful world of beer! Why does your pint taste just that bit better than the one of the guy next door?

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The professionalism of the barkeeper marks the quality of your experience!


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