Pints in Practice: the Perfect Pint, and most importantly… Why?

The trade of tending bar is a craft. The way in which a beer is being served makes a decisive difference in the taste, quality, and the entire experience of enjoying a pint. Well educated and, above all, inspired staff will make sure that your beer tastes just that bit better than the draught at the neighbours’, and it will not go unnoticed by your guests! The training program ‘Pints in Practice’ focuses on learning the tricks of the trade and coming to the realization that a perfect serving ritual is vital for reaching a level of top quality in serving standards. The ultimate goal of the program is to generate a better work atmosphere among your staff, raise quality standards for your guests and, not unimportantly, bring about better profits for you as the entrepreneur. In a two-hour time span and in an unconstrained manner that fits your venue and staff, we will launch a search for the Perfect Pint!


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